maria mahlmann

mm remix fashion week 2021 show
in frankfurt @studio 8 presenting mm remix dresses.

"my fascination from the very beginning was the flou departement.
directors in paris asked me why i never draw suits and coats - that's when i realized i love dresses.
berlin is life in contrasts: between the new and the old.
i got my intention to make recycled clothes while living there.
by ripping second hand material into pieces and mixing it with brand new fabric i create something completely successive. the amusing part is to turn really ugly or funny material into something beautiful.
the freedom to play with fabric and colors is the real luxury, by recycling, you have nothing to lose."

fashion designer maria mahlmann worked for jean patou and christian lacroix in the 80s and for chanel in the 90s. haute couture is her real background. her berlin-born design has been growing for 15 years now: recycling is play and play is fun. her clothes breathe this fun, the joy
installation: Wanda Koni & Cristina Archury
visual content: JALB Films
music: Nanobugz Milosh
models: Frederike Eggers, Bethel Tzegai, Mariam B

mm remix frankfurt 2021 1 minute fashion show


photography: JALB Films